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You will receive a unique certificate presented on luxurious parchment paper which gives a substantial feel and distinct crispness. Your certificate is framed and fully personalised to your instructions; the name and perhaps a suitable personal message for your friend or loved one. You will also receive a membership letter from Worlds Afar presented in a gift box with facts on your specific star, a link to find your star on Nasa's Sky View and a computer program to explore space and time! 


A framed beautiful high quality personalised name a star registration certificate
A gift box with a welcome letter from Worlds Afar
A gift bag to present your package in 
Exact co-ordinates of your star
A link so you may see your star on Nasa’s Sky View
Facts about your star; its class, size, luminosity and colour
Membership to Worlds Afar for one year
Plus a computer program to explore space and time!

YOUR SOFTWARE: ( for use on Microsoft Windows only) 

Visit stars all over the Universe with our 3D Space Exploration Software!
Fully interactive 3D software allows you to view every known planet and moon in our solar system and beyond!
Watch in real time, speeded up or reversed time the majestic eternal movement of the planets, moons and stars!


Your item will be dispatched within 24 working hours when your payment and personalisation details have been received. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are always here to help!


The product is offered as a novelty certificate. If you have any questions please ask them before you commit to buy. Refunds will not be provided although we will provide replacements if the product you receive is not as advertised. Your statutory rights are not affected. Purchase signifies acceptance of these conditions. Software supplied is under the GPL license and in the public domain. Software is only to be used on Microsoft Windows.

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